VAXstation 2000 & MicroVAX 2000

Update: 19/04/2019

This page is here for historical interest. Most people will want to visit the new page describing a much more up to date simulator with extra features

Both VAXstation and MicroVAX variants are included, with and without pcap. An example vax410.ini is also provided.


Not Implemented


ka410.bin is the system ROM. Use the following command from the sim prompt to load it.

sim> load -r ka410.bin

ka410_net.bin is the network ROM. It needs to be attached to one of the option ROM units.

sim> attach or0 ka410_net.bin

Click in the video window to activate the emulated cursor; this will capture the host cursor. Use the escape key (ESC) to release the host cursor. The position and visibility of the emulated cursor is entirely controled by the guest OS. As such sometimes the cursor can become visible but it may not be possible to move it.

Known Bugs

The first time you type 'boot cpu' after creating a new nvr file, it will halt with a 'TOY ERR'. Type 'boot cpu' again and subsequent runs should be ok.


File Type Date Executable (Win32) 28/06/2011