The VAX-11/730 was the third simulation project that I started, following the MicroVAX II and MicroVAX 2000. The VAX-11/780 included with the standard simh distribution was used as a starting point.

This simulator is almost complete apart from a few lesser used error paths in the code, which don't set the appropriate error bits yet. The following model specific features have been implemented so far:

The source kit at the bottom of this page contains a subset of the Simh distribution with a modified makefile and descrip.mms to build vax730. I've done test builds on at least Windows XP, 64-bit Linux and OpenVMS/Integrity.

Please report any bugs using the main Simh mailing list.

RB730 Disk Controller

This is the RB device, which has 4 units that can be enable/disabled individually and can be set to a type of RB02 or RB80. RB02 is the name given to an RL02 drive when attached to this type of contoller. The same is true for the RB80 which is actually an RA80. A typical configuration would have the RB80 on unit 0 and one or two RB02 drives on units 1 and 2.

Image files should be interchangable between the RB02 and the standard RL02 devices.

TU58 DECtape Controller

This is the TD device, which has 2 units. They are part of the base system on a real VAX-11/730 so they are permanently enabled in the simulator. The drives should be compatible with most of the TU58 images that can be found online. The device also includes boot support, which means it can be used for standalone backup.

Related Documents

The following documents and sources the were used during the development:

The documents in this list are available on Bitsavers.


Update: The VAX730 code has been integrated into the master branch on github. This code will be more up to date than the zip downloads in the table below (which are based on Simh 3.8-1).

File Type Date Source (github) - Executable (Win32) 07/07/2011 Source 07/07/2011